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Date: 01st April 2017

Given the existing knowledge gaps and needs of the land use planning practitioners and other stakeholders as well as the divergence between extant plans and the real outcomes, the current course will try to remedy the situation in an India specific manner. The course will provide realistic understanding of tools and regulatory and institutional constraints that are prevalent in India that would help them to provide planning inputs as well as engage in the planning debate meaningfully. Apart from familiarizing one with elements of physical planning toolkit, the course will help underline financial and infrastructure constraints within the framework of operative political economy. The course will also help in identification of issues related to socio-economic development as well as challenges of urban expansion.

This entry level course is organised in five neat and logically flowing modules each specifically related to a particular aspect mentioned above, creating a well-integrated course. The course has been designed in an interesting and engaging manner with the help of self-instructional material aided with references, videos, case studies and power point presentations.
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